Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Marking

February 2019

Industrial Marking 4.0

In compliance with the requirements of Industry 4.0, we approach the issue of industrial marking comprehensively. The customer does not “only” need a laser, inkjet or micro-impact, but they need a comprehensive solution, starting with the analysis of their needs through project and design documentation, production, assembly, installation and commissioning, to the following service and maintenance. Therefore, in cooperation with renowned manufacturers of marking equipment, we strive to always be one step ahead within the meaning of our new motto, “The Difference Lies in the Approach”, and we bring the latest technologies in automation and robotization of industrial marking.

Artificial intelligence with augmented reality

Koenig & Bauer, a leading supplier of inkjet marking devices, confirms their role of a digital pioneer and introduces Kyan, the first system of artificial intelligence with application of augmented reality in the field of industrial marking. In the future, this technology can help prevent operating errors, train employees and service technicians, and make many processes more efficient.

Kyanit, a system of artificial intelligence of the alphaJET inkjet printers, is an extremely efficient concept of Industry 4.0 that goes far beyond the formerly known IoT applications (Internet of Things), namely in the B2B sector. Kyan learns permanently and adjusts to various situations, provides consultancy and thinks one step ahead. It mostly focuses on predictive maintenance and optimisation of production and marking processes. Through a very human and simple way of communication, Kyan supports the users and actively involves them in a dialogue.

The additional integration of augmented reality (AR) provides a precise transfer of information, which significantly increases production reliability. It also simplifies the procedures of training and maintenance, and overcomes distance or language barriers.
Kyan is an extension of the robotic system and it can be adjusted to individuals and their requirements in the process of identification thanks to the language and AR, thus setting new standards and demonstrating the enormous possibilities of complex digitalisation.






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