Leasing marking equipment can bring savings in the investment costs while increasing productivity.

We offer short-term and long-term lease of marking equipment, i.e. full service (operative leasing or outsourcing). It is a convenient way for using marking technology, including service. The short-term lease can be used for emergency or non-recurring orders when the customer, who usually does not mark their products, needs to mark an individual batch or product series.

If you choose the long-term lease to finance the equipment, you do not have to use your investment resources. You can decide about the payment period – 3, 4 or 5 years, during which we will provide regular maintenance and service for the leased machines. The service contains both operating maintenance and all the repairs. A regular professional care for the equipment guarantees its full operability, time saving and reduction of operating costs.

When the lease period ends, you can either purchase the equipment for the residual value, or you can modernise it by concluding another lease contract for new equipment. This way, your machines will always be in a great condition, ready to provide high performance and to contribute to the productivity and competitiveness of your business.


What advantages does long-term lease provide?

Non-investment meeting of the demand for marking equipment
  • even monthly instalments during the lease period
  • the lessor pays the instalments from their own operating resources without the need for investment funding
  • simpler approval process, as this is not an investment
  • the instalments can be reported in accounting as a cost item
Fast solution without a high amount of cash in hand
  • no one-off advance payment as in case of financial leasing
  • the lessor receives all the required equipment for a single monthly instalment
Reduction of operating costs
  • free ecological disposal of waste created during maintenance and repairs
  • the costs and material related to the prescribed maintenance fall under the instalments, thus they are not a cost item and a worry to the lessor
Overhead cost savings
  • reduced administration – all the costs are included in the monthly instalment
  • saving resources for spare parts purchases and the related costs of storage and registration
Other advantages
  • absence of problems related to arranging a loan or leasing
  • possibility to plan financially in the long term
  • possibility of continuous additions to the equipment as needed

Batch Ink Marking on Packaging

An example of a leased printer – sample packaging application

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