Solid-state laser – V-LASE green and UV



solid-state laser V-LASE

The Green laser offers substantial advantages of marking material such as plastic that does not interact with the infrared wavelength as well as with semiconductors, such as silicon or metal with high reflectivity, such as copper, gold and silver.

The UV laser provides excellent quality of marking with very fine dot size for “cold-marking” applications, with a very low thermal trace for ablation applications without damage of various material, including sapphire, glass, diamond, silicon,
PE, HDPE (high-density polyethylene), ceramics, corundum and other sensitive materials.


The V-LASE lasers by Datalogic are solid-state DPSS, air-cooled lasers designed for marking products in the automotive and electrical industry. They offer high-quality permanent marking of a wide range of metal and plastic parts, particularly those specified as “hard to mark”, highly reflective, thermosensitive and highly stable thermoplastic.

The Datalogic V-LASE green lasers are delivered with an output of 4W and 10W.

The Datalogic UV lasers are delivered with an output of 3W.


The V-LASE lasers have the following basic characteristics:
  • Excellent laser beam quality
  • Option of integration into production lines
  • Simple communication and connection to PLC
  • Easy installation and configuration settings
  • Software Lighter 6 is included in the laser delivery and it enables user-friendly creation of printed messages
  • Local and remote laser diagnostics
  • Marking in static or dynamic mode
  • Stand-Alone or Master-Slave mode
  • 4 independent axes (X, Y, Z, rotating axis)
  • Marking of a wide range of material

Parameters of product options:

Laser Frequency range (khz) Average output (w) max Max peak output (kw) Max Max pulse output (mj) Pulse width (ns)
20 – 100 10 28 20 10
20 – 80 3 14 30 8

Laser specification:

Laser type
532 (nm) Green, 355 UV
Operating temperature
5 – 40 °C
Ethernet, RS 232, USB

Dimensions and weight:

Height (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Weight (kg)
Laser head – Green 166 704 153 2
Laser head – UV 181 686 168 2
Control unit 140 625 421 16
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