CIJ technology /continuous ink-jet/

is a contactless system designed for marking products of various surfaces and materials. The microprocessor-diluted ink is supplied into the pushing head under pressure where it is divided into tiny dots through an electronic jet with a crystal together with vibrations and electromagnetic field. The dots are then directed through the charging electrode and deflecting liner into the head opening towards the object to be marked. The deflecting liner then adjusts the direction of negatively charged dots towards the object with the required conditions of dot placement. The height and size of the message is influenced by the entered marking matrix, e.g. 5 x 5, 5 x 7.
The uncharged dots are automatically returned to the printer via a return channel for further use.

inkjet print

Advantages of the CIJ technology:

Only one jet – high printing quality is achieved with a single opening, even at high speed (550m/min). For various material types and surfaces (PVC, glass, metal, paper, wood…). The microprocessor-controlled technology enables to mark, for example, changing messages, date, time, logo, barcodeand 2D code, all of that in a centi-second. A long-proven traditional technology, high reliability, contactless marking without disruption of the surface of the marked object, marking of uneven surfaces, a wide range of ink types/colours, chemical composition…


Replacement of contact marking in any industry – food-processing, drinks, automotive, electrical…

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