machine vision - TC serieTC series

Affordable readers. The innovative CCD technology provides excellent reading performance, decoding and extraordinary reliability.



machine visionDS series

Laser barcode readers, from simple ultra-compact models to extremely efficient industrial readers with an integrated oscillation mirror, designed for the most challenging applications.


machine visionMatrix series

Compact efficient barcode readers, capable of obtaining up to 60 frames per second thanks to the CMOS sensor with WVGA resolution. Extremely dynamic reading ability thanks to the efficient interior lighting. Images can be quickly and easily transferred to an external PC or server via integrated Ethernet. Also suitable for narrow spaces thanks to the 90° optics. Protection: IP 65 and 67.


machine vision - P/A/T SERIEData VS2

A flexible solution for checking product presence, position and quality, component measuring and counting. The VGA resolution guarantees a high quality of images. Ethernet connection. Built-in lighting. Reads barcodes and Datamatrix codes.



P/A/T series

Compact cameras available in resolutions from VGA to 5MP. Easily replaceable lens and lighting offer of up to 70 combinations for the best image. Built-in interface I/Os, serial and Ethernet. Protection: IP 67.




machine vision - MX/UX sérieMX/UX series

Highly efficient vision processors in combination with cameras enable a fast integration of challenging solutions for product control and monitoring, while meeting the requirements for high-speed quality control. A possibility to control several cameras with a single processor.

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