Automated Bushing Marking

May 2018

Bushing Marking Project

We made a customised complex workstation for marking bushing for a prominent rubber business that manufactures parts for the automotive industry. It was a robotised workstations with the Macsa marking laser. At the beginning of the process, the product temperature is assessed, as well as the composition of the rubber mix based on the colour recognition sign by a DATALOGIC camera. Compliant pieces are marked with a 2D code and serial number using a laser. Then, machine vision executes a test of marking readability and the data are stored in the corporate database. The whole marking process is automated and uses a KUKA robot.

As laser marking is permanent, the part can be traced back across all production operations for the entire service life of the part. Moreover, the code is an ideal solution for tracing the product origin and storing necessary information that can be read by machine vision systems.


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