Camera-Controlled Ink-Jet Marking – Code M

August 2020

Replace the current complicated control procedures with an easy and automated solution

Your production line can be easily equipped with a camera control system thanks to the novelty product by Koenig & Bauer – Code M. Whether you need to monitor the production line, provide code accuracy diagnostics or check administration, all the applications can be checked using this intelligent camera connected to the alphaJet mondo ink-jet printer.

Check the marking presence, legibility and content with every print

Products are labelled with a date, batch and so on according to the individual specifications using various technologies. Ink-jet marking with alphanumerical characters is difficult to assess for people, as well as for machine camera control. The combination of compatible components for industrial coding and quality control provides a reliable and precise inspection in real time. The system can be supplemented with visual and audio signalling, NOK product ejector and it can be connected to PLC database and statistics of OK/NOK products.

100 % visual inspection for all industrial branches

There are several control functions to inspect coding in real time, such as

Label presence check

OK = coding is complete

NOK = coding is incomplete, the product is rejected

Several concurrent inspections

E.g. data matrix code and alphanumerical text

Data compliance

Check that the printed text or content of a printed code complies with the required data.

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