Laser Cable Marking

October 2018

Green Laser HSD Cable Marking Project

One of the solutions we have delivered is a cable-marking workstation, combined with a Schleuniger cutter, for a leading company involved in designing and producing electronic components.

One of the basic requirements for orders of a new technology for marking several types of HSD cables in two colours (black and blue) was to replace the existing costly thermal transfer technologies.

We decided to choose laser with regard to the zero costs of consumables. Since it was not possible to use YAG or fibre laser for the heat-resistant surface of some cable insulations, the Datalogic green laser was selected based on samples. It has a smaller range of heat-affected zone and thus enables marking challenging materials, such as plastic that does not react with the infrared wavelength, semiconductors, silicon, glass, photocells or metal with high reflectiveness, such as copper, gold and silver.


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