Low-cost Solution for Extremely Durable Marking

April 2018

Micro-impact is a traditional, but still highly effective industrial marking technology. LIFTEC supplies the Czech and Slovak market with equipment by COUTH, a leading global manufacturer known for the development and production of high-quality and reliable equipment meeting the latest technological standards.

Unique Technology – Micro-impact Marking

The COUTH MC 2000 micro-point systems offer a reliable and efficient solution of permanent product marking. These are either pneumatically, or electrically driven devices that print a wide range of characters, shapes, 2D codes and images thanks to precisely placed micro-points. The micro-impact marking can be used for almost all types of material (metal, plastic, wood etc.). The highly resistant and well-visible marking can also be applied prior to any surface finish or coating. This system can be used for marking extremely hard, uneven and irregular, flat and bent products that are not deformed or excessively stressed thanks to the precise settings. Considering its minimal weight and size, this technology is especially suitable for integration in the restricted spaces of production lines. Its mobile version makes it easy to mark products that are difficult to transport with regard to their size and weight. The long-lasting durability, maintenance-free operation and easy integration into production lines, without the need for a PC connection, makes this an unparalleled tool for durable product marking.

Marking durability, easy integration and low costs

This technology helps us achieve permanent marking visible even under a layer of pain or other surface finish. Micro-impact marking has very low operating costs when compared with other technologies. The possibility to choose from four versions of micro-impact is a great advantage for the customer: integrated in the production line, manual, independent pedestal-type workstation, or combined. The large area of print of up to 250 mm x 170 mm enables complete and quality marking. In addition to alphanumerical characters, the device also allows printing 2D Datamatrix codes, logos, graphic symbols and images. The wide range of accessories ensures easy connection and increased marking efficiency (rotary clamping, pneumatic marking head approach, micrometric clamping of the label feeder etc.). MC 2000 Superfast is the latest generation of micro-impact equipment. It is distinguished by high quality of marking and it is considered to be the fastest one on the market thanks to the globally patented technology of the swivelling y axis. Another type of MC 2000 is scratching (engraving), the main advantages of which are a very quiet operation, accuracy and high quality of marking. The durability of marking, easy integration and low operating costs are the basic aspects for many industrial branches and MC 2000 does not only meet these requirements, but outruns them.


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