Marking Hazardous Substances

July 2018

In the endeavour to provide integrated solutions of the customers’ requirements for marking products, we deliver industrial printers designed for two-colour printing, suitable for marking hazardous substances using pictograms according to the valid legislation.

Two-colour printing and label application in a single step

The Hermes C system by CAB, a German manufacturer, is used for two-colour printing and label application in a single step, regardless of whether or not the parts to be marked are moving. It has been developed for industrial application in production lines at a speed of up to 125 mm/s. It meets all the necessary requirements for mechanical and electrical integration into manual workstations or automated production lines, even in really challenging applications. Two-colour labels with a resolution of up to 300 dpi can be used to mark packaging of any shape – bottles, tins, cans, barrels, cardboard, pallets… This equipment has received one of the most prestigious European awards in the area of packaging – the German Packaging Award.
The printer operation is intuitive and user-friendly. The Hermes systems have all the common data interfaces and the internal ABS compiler allows for their integration into an existing environment with continuing use of current software applications and label layouts without any modifications. The computer-supported CAB “Easy Remote” provides connection to almost all ERP systems. CAB guarantees easy maintenance, also thanks to the integrated system for failure or defective part localisation. Also, the replacement of consumables is fast and easy, which helps prevent any unnecessary downtime. The Hermes system meets all the market requirements for innovative technology, efficiency, reliability and safety, and it is the proper choice for continuous operations.

Two-colour print on labels

The CAB, XC printer series are designed for printing two-colour labels without automatic application, enabling to print labels of various sizes. The printers are equipped with two print units for concurrent printing of two colours on a single label. The ribbon-saving system in a single print unit saves the ribbon for additional colour, which is an advantage especially when the more expensive colour TTR ribbons are used. The printers are designed for two-colour print on standard and special materials. To achieve quality print even on more challenging materials, it is possible to print at a reduced minimum speed of 30 mm/s. The XC printer series also meet the conditions of the classification for marking hazardous substances according to the GHS system.

Two-colour high-resolution inkjet print

The HRP R32 inkjet marking device by Tiflex, a French manufacturer, is designed for two-colour print in high resolution of up to 300 dpi. In relation to the resolution, it is possible to print at a speed of up to 200 m/min using diacritics, graphic symbols, date and time in various formats, counter, use-by-date, barcodes and 2D codes. The message can be up to 10 m long and up to 100 mm high. The printer is easy to control via 15” touch display and it can be connected to serial interface and Ethernet.



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