Micro-impact – DOT U


Reliable and durable micro-impact marking suitable for marking metal and hard plastic – version for integration and for production lines.


MC 2000 is a reliable solution of durable micro-impact marking. The pneumatically or electrically driven micro-impact marking machine that uses high frequency and precisely located micro-dots for printing a wide range of characters, shapes, 2D codes, images etc. stored in memory, in the required dimension and intensity.


Micro-impact marking can be used for almost any material (metal, plastic, wood, glass etc.).



  • Highly durable marking visible under a layer of paint or other surface finish
  • Contact marking without additional costs, does not require any consumables
  • Possibility of a hand-held portable unit
  • Large marking area of up to 50 mm x 17 mm
  • Controlled micro-impact value ensures quality and fast marking
  • Engraving option – cursive writing, marking does not make noise
  • A wide range of characters from 0.125 mm up to 20 mm of character height
  • Marking in any position of the marking head
  • Efficient software for message design in the control unit or on a PC
  • Possibility to print 2D Datamatrix codes, logos, graphic symbols and images
  • A wide range of accessories for easy integration and for increasing marking efficiency
    (rotary clamping, pneumatic marking head approach, micrometric clamping, label feeder etc.)
  • Control unit with a large display showing the message in real size and shape
  • Integrated serial RS232 and Ethernet communication, also available Profibus, Profinet and Ethernet/IP
  • Autonomous control system, no computer required for operation
MC 2000 N – Pedestal-type system with a clamping table

Marking smaller products in larger batches, manual or semiautomatic operation.
(engraving option)

MC 2000 U – System for integration

System suitable for integration into production lines, robotic arms etc. (engraving option)

MC 2000 P – Manual

Mobile marking for large, unusual products or products that are difficult to manipulate with

MC 2000 PP – Manual

For easy manual micro-impact marking. Simply place the pistol system to the required area and mark it. Simply place the gun system at the required location and mark it.

MC 2000 P+N – Combined manual/with a table

For marking batches as well as unusual products or products that are difficult to manipulate with

Dimensions of the marking areas of standard micro-impact equipment

50×17 (50×25), 100×17 (100×25), 160×17 (160×25), 90×60, 150×100

Dimensions of marking areas of equipment for additional charge

170×170, 250×60, 250×100, 250×170

Dimensions of the marking areas of micro-impact equipment for deep marking

72×35, 200×35

Dimensions of the marking areas of engraving equipment

75×15, 80×80, 180×45

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