Hot Stamping

The hpdSYSTEM magno printer combines all the current standards of safety, usability, design and control. The large print surface of 50 x 80 mm makes it the largest hot stamping printer in our portfolio.


Hot stamping is a simple contact product marking method, during which the heated die prints a colour layer of hot stamping foil on the required product or its packaging. This marking system is used for various materials and it is one of the least economically demanding methods of marking your products, if you do not require printing of frequently changing data. KBA-Metronic GmbH has been involved in the production of hot stamping printers for more than 40 years and at present, they offer four systems that differ in the print frequency, print surface dimensions and possibility to implement the printer in lines.

The large print surface of 50 x 80 mm makes it the largest hot stamping printer in our portfolio.

hpdSYSTEM magno is manufactured in a right and left version for easy integration into packaging lines, marking and cardboard articles.

Technical data:

Print surface
up to 50 x 80 mm
Print output / speed
200 prints/minute (depends on the material and die)
Stamping foil
max. 305 m, ø 110 mm
Foil feed
2 to 50 mm – infinitely adjustable
Air pressure
Air pressure 1,170 N at 6 bar
Drive type
Air connection
min. 4 – max. 6 bar, ø 6/4 mm
Air consumption
approx. 0.25 l for printing (with max. shift)
Power supply
24 V DC ( ± 10% tolerance), 160 VA
IP 54
323-473 K (50 ° – 200 ° C)
Heating capacity
150 W
Printing time
approx. 70 – 2000 ms
feed protection with a reset function
Model H (horizontal), right, left
188 x 282 x 168 mm

Datasheet 1 hdpSystem EN

hpdSYSTEM_en.pdf (485.2 kB)


Datasheet 2 hdpSystem EN

hpdSYSTEM2_en.pdf (351.2 kB)


Datasheet 1 hdpSystem DE

hpdSYSTEM_de.pdf (487.2 kB)


Datasheet 2 hdpSystem DE

hpdSYSTEM2_de.pdf (353.8 kB)

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