Hot Stamping - nano

hpdSYSTEM nano popular and distinctive image for packaging machines, marking systems and production lines. A precise, fast and reliable method, not only for industrial marking.


hpdSYSTEM nano is a device for hot stamping with very compact dimensions, ideal for use in packaging machines with a limited space. The compact design developed by KBA-Metronic allows for integration in almost any packaging machine, marking system and production line.
All models are designed for permanent everyday use and they are characterized by high functionality, easy control and long service life. The hpdSYSTEM devices provide users a customized solution for each and every application.
The various colour foils can be also used for marking more fragile products, such as food and pharmaceutical products.
This simple marking is also the most economical product marking method for applications that require the best printing quality.

Properties of hpdPRINT nano

    • smallest possible dimensions
    • easy operation
    • easy replacement of the hot stamping foil
    • precise foil setting
    • electronic signalling of the foil end
    • provides the best heat transfer onto stamping dies
    • easy integration in almost any production line
    • 8 mm stroke
    • 3 versions according to the position: horizontal LEFT, vertical, horizontal RIGHT

Technical data:

Print surface
15 x 30 mm
Print output / speed
500 prints/minute
Stamping foil
max. 122 m, ø 72 mm
Foil feed
2 to 15 mm – infinitely adjustable
Air pressure
373 N at 6 bar
Drive type
Air connection
min. 4 – max. 6 bar, ø 6/4 mm
Air consumption
approx. 0.11 l for printing (with max. shift)
Power supply
24 V DC ( ± 10% tolerance), 160 VA
IP 54
Operating temperature
50°- 220°C
up to 20 – 2000 ms
Dimensions (horizontal version)
142 x 285 x 166 mm
Dimensions (vertical version)
206 x 190 x 166 mm

Datasheet 1 hdpSystem EN

hpdSYSTEM_en.pdf (485.2 kB)


Datasheet 2 hdpSystem EN

hpdSYSTEM2_en.pdf (351.2 kB)


Datasheet 1 hdpSystem DE

hpdSYSTEM_de.pdf (487.2 kB)


Datasheet 2 hdpSystem DE

hpdSYSTEM2_de.pdf (353.8 kB)

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