The inkjet system of two independent ink printers enables independent printing with two colours and various types of ink. The sophisticated solvent recovery system provides for the lowest solvent consumption on the market!

  • The lowest consumption on the market means profit and cost efficiency!
  • It prints barcodes, 1D and 2D codes, logos, alphanumerical characters and texts, and meets complex printing requirements
  • Easy integration of the system in production lines and corporate networks. Possible connection to a camera system and access to databases are an advantage for future extension.
  • Two independent ink systems enable printing two different colours or printing inks
  • Support of special marking applications and a convenient method of financing


• Up to 16 lines
• 96 pixels
• Character height from 0.8 to 30 mm
• Printing speed of up to 460 m/min (5 x 5 dots)
• Print options: automatic time and date function, counters (with auto-stop function), text list function, sequence numbering, barcode printing, DataMatrix codes, logos etc.; prints TrueType fonts as well as a whole range of character sets


• USB / Ethernet / RS232
• alarm relay (optional)
• 4colour signal tower (optional)
• digital I/O ports with 8 inputs and 4 outputs
• optional remote activation of printers

Print head

• visual control of the ink jet – integrated Strobe Motion system
• bend radius at least 250 mm

Ink system

• two independent ink systems print with two different colours and types of ink
• the integrated solvent recovery system provides for extremely low consumption
• easily replaceable one-litre ink and solvent bottles
• no need for compressed air
• easy maintenance

alphaJET duo printerspecification:

Machine body
10.4” touch full-colour TFT Display
Protection class
IP 65
31 kg
Number of print heads
Power supply
230V +/- 10%, 50–60Hz, consumption 0.5/0.25 0,5/0,25
Operating temperature
+5 až +45°C
Max relative humidity
90%, no condensation
Compressed air
Ethernet, 1 x RS 232, USB port
2 x inputs for sensors
8x I/O port (board connection)
Alarm relay
with pigment particles
Hose and head length
4/6 m optional
Print jet size
50 µm
Font size
0,8 to 15 mm
Number of print lines
1 – 16
Printing speed
max speed at a font width of 2.5mm 600 m/min
Printing resolution
up to 24 dots
Solvent consumption
2 ml/h (at 20°C)
alphanumerical characters in TrueType font
Automatic printing
date, time, shift number, counter etc.
Object printing
logos, simple monochromatic graphics
Barcodeand2D code printing

Dimensions and weight:

Height (mm) Depth (mm) Width (mm) Weight (kg)
Machine dimensions 510 320 320
Print head dimensions 145 40 40

Marking samples


alphaJET_duo_en.pdf (733.6 kB)


alphaJET_duo_de.pdf (736.76 kB)

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