Printer - AlphaJet evo

Modern small-character inkjet printersby Koenig & Bauer. Modern small-character inkjet printers by Koenig & Bauer. Their main advantages include: low solvent consumption and a print head with closing and heating. Product versions: pigment-free or pigment inks. Product versions: pigment-free or pigment inks.

Main advantages of alphaJET evo series

  • Automatic jet closure
  • Heated ink chamber
  • Easily accessible print head
  • Intuitive touch control
  • Extremely low solvent consumption – 2 ml/h (at 20°C) thanks to the build-in Pertier system
  • IP 65 protection

Countless print options:

  • Printing TrueType fonts thanks to the perfect control of ink droplets at full printing speed
  • High-quality barcodes and 2D codes included
  • In relation to the model, the system works with three, five or even six lines of print
  • Pigment or pigment-free ink print version

Parameters alphaJET evo printer specification:

Machine body
10.4” touch full-colour TFT Display
Protection class
IP 65
31 kg
Number of print heads
Power supply
230V +/- 10%, 50–60Hz, consumption 0.5/0.25 0,5/0,25
Operating temperature
+5 až +45°C
Max relative humidity
90%, no condensation
Compressed air
Ethernet, 1 x RS 232, USB port
2 x inputs for sensors
8x I/O port (board connection)
Alarm relay
with pigment particles
Hose and head length
4 m
Print jet size
55/70 µm
printing small characters 0.8-15 mm
Number of print lines
1 – 6
Printing speed
max. max speed at a font width of 2.5mm 460 m/min
Printing resolution
up to 48 dots
Solvent consumption
2 ml/h (at 20°C)
alphanumerical characters in TrueType font
Automatic printing
date, time, shift number, counter etc.
Object printing
logos, simple monochromatic graphics
Barcodeand2D code printing

Dimensions and weight:

Height (mm) Depth (mm) Width (mm) Weight
Machine dimensions 700 320 320 31
Print head dimensions 145 40 40 2

Marking samples

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