New Tiflex HRP R4 printer for marking secondary packaging. Faster and more economical.
HRP R4 is available in the “gradient” mode thanks to its intelligent printing station that can be controlled using a PC or a tablet.

HRP R4 is designed to provide traceability of grouping units (cartons) in the agricultural, food-processing, cosmetic and wood processing industry (pallets).

Output and speed:

Print speed of up to 200 m/min. at the height of 50 to 400 mm
Marking on the side, from the top or inclined plane.


Marking text, alphanumerical characters, logos, GS1 128, ITF 14, 2D codes (Datamatrix, QR codes) on porous material.


Food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, logistics, packaging industry.


  • More compact, easier integration into production line.
  • A greater distance from the carton for easier installation.
  • A print head faster by 25 %.
  • Marking contrast improved by 15 % to ensure perfect printing of bar codes.
  • Marking costs reduced by 30 % when compared with paper labels.
  • Ink supply using secured cartridges.
  • Better production line OEE: no line standstill (ink replacement without having to stop the printer, possibility to create networks).
  • Tiflex – dedicated, open and complex software solution (remote orders, data logging, printer status,…),
  • New simplified user interface.

HRP R4 500 and HRP R4 1000 model specifications:

Vertical resolution
64 dpi
Horizontal resolution
50 to 300 dpi
Printing speed
up to 200 m/min
115/230 V
Operating temperature
10 – 40 Cº
Relative humidity
10 to 90% (non-condensing)
Industrial protection of the PC panel
IP 65
Industrial protection of the print head

Dimensions and weight:

Height (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Weight (kg)
Print head 407 140 195,22 7.5 kg
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