Tiskárna - U2 PRO

U2™ PRO is a small, but efficient inkjet printer for industrial applications in marking of both porous and non-porous surfaces. It can replace standard inkjetand does not require any maintenance or solvents.


The TIJ printers use ink cartridges for thermal inkjet printing and do not require any ink or solvent bottles. Therefore, the use of this technology is clean, simple and desired in operations with high demands on cleanliness, such as pharmaceutical or food-processing businesses.

The thermal inkjet printers work on the principle of ejecting ink droplets from the cartridge. The ink droplets are heated to a high temperature using electric resistance. The microscopically-thin film of the printing ink is heated to the temperature of about 340°C, creating a bubble that drives the ink out. The ink droplet spurts from the bubble and prints the required area. This process is continuously repeated during the print.

A small, but efficient industrial TIJ inkjet printer for marking of absorbent and non-absorbent materials. It works just like CIJ but without the mess!

* “switch on and print” principle
* maintenance-free printer
* 3.5” LCD display with LED backlight
* for application on non-porous materials (PET, nylon, aluminium…)
* short drying time
* high print resolution

Letak Anser U2 Pro CZ

anser_U2_cz.pdf (642.38 kB)


Letak Anser U2 Pro EN

anser_U2_en.pdf (3.73 MB)

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