Tiskárna - U2 diesel

Printer U2™ DIESEL is a combination of quality, efficiency and cost savings. The ink cartridge enables printing of contrast codes on a large number of absorbent packaging material.


The TIJ printers use ink cartridges for thermal inkjet printing and do not require any ink or solvent bottles. Therefore, the use of this technology is clean, simple and desired in operations with high demands on cleanliness, such as pharmaceutical or food-processing businesses.

The thermal inkjet printers work on the principle of ejecting ink droplets from the cartridge. The ink droplets are heated to a high temperature using electric resistance. The microscopically-thin film of the printing ink is heated to the temperature of about 340°C, creating a bubble that drives the ink out. The ink droplet spurts from the bubble and prints the required area. This process is continuously repeated during the print.


Maintenance-free printer
The principle of ink cartridge in the printer eliminates unnecessary service costs of its maintenance, thus significantly reducing the overall costs of owning the printer.
Compact size with 3.5-inch LCD display
The display provides a sufficient user view while maintaining the compact dimensions of the printer body for trouble-free installation and easy integration into marking applications.
Pocket wireless keyboard
Handheld compact wireless keyboard with a well-arranged design for easy control.
User-friendly interface and intelligent control design
Easy and elegant user interface for easy printer control. Intelligent control software with a user-friendly design monitors the printer status and notifies of any printing errors in real time.
Dust cover
The printer is designed to help protect the ink cartridge against damage in rough environment.
USB 2.0 compatibility
The USB interface provides several functions: software updates, data backup and USB keyboard operation.
Shock-resistant design
The aim of the unique printer design is to eliminate damage of the printer by unexpected shocks.
High-quality codes
The ANSER DIESEL printer is capable of printing quality 1D and 2D barcodes, including EAN 128, Code 128, Code 39, Datamatrix, QR codes and more.
Automatic ink identification
The printer automatically identifies the ink type and selects correct parameters to ensure the best print quality.

Cost-efficient ink solution
420 ml bulk ink ANSER Diesel prints 4 times darker than standard ink, which leads to 4 times higher print capacity and substantial print cost savings.

Long Time Decap Formula
The exclusive Diesel ink formula provides a longer DECAP time of up to 60+ hours to prevent problems with cartridge maintenance, including missing lines and jet choking.

Better print quality
420 ml ink cartridge enables high-resolution print with better readability.

Print equivalent to one-gallon barrel of ink
One Diesel ink cartridge is capable of printing the same number of messages as 5 litres of large-character printer ink.




Wood marking


Letak Anser U2 DIESEL CZ

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Poster Anser U2 DIESEL EN

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