CO2 - laser

Modern CO₂ laser for marking paper, cardboard, plastic, wood, glass, ceramics and other material.


EOX 10W / 30W by Datalogic are CO₂ lasers designed for marking products or packaging in industrial applications. The lasers offer high-quality permanent marking of a wide range of organic material, such as wood, cardboard, ceramics or plastic, and coated or anodised metal in food-processing, pharmaceutical or electrical industry.

The EOX marking lasers offer an ALL-IN-ONE solution with very compact dimensions. They enable axes control and connection to a photocell for the dynamic marking mode, typical of industrial applications. The extended setting options in the dynamic marking mode provide overall synchronisation of the marking head and the object to be marked.

This laser marker has an integrated personal computer; all you need to do is to connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse using standard connectors. There is no need for an additional PC for messages. The device can also be controlled remotely using a company network, or a USB connection.

The speed of a production line with linear speed can be up to 75m/min and the laser can mark up to 12,000 pieces/hour (approx. 8/10 pieces/s).

The EOX CO2 marking system is very attractive for coding in industrial applications thanks to the low operating costs, almost no maintenance and no requirements for expensive consumables.



  • Optional CE controller
  • Excellent marking performance
  • Integrated diagnostics, simple communication and connection
  • High reliability and flexibility
  • Lighter 6 software for Windows
  • Enables bitmap marking – images, barcodes and 2D codes
  • Compact dimensions
  • 24-month warranty
  • Air-cooled system
  • User-friendly software working under Windows
  • Available as an ALL-IN-ONE module system for easy integration into production lines


Laser specification:

Laser type
Nominal output
10W / 30W
10,6 nm
Laser source
Class 4, CO2 laser tube
Class 2M, red diode laser 635 nm
Removable fibre length
3 m standard, 5 m optional
Marking options
Static and dynamic mode, rotating axis
Operating temperature
15°C to 35°C
Storage temperature
-10°C to 60°C
Ethernet, RS232, USB
Integrated air cooling
Power supply
100/240VAC – 50/60Hz
Up to 4 mechanical axes (stepping motor)
10 programmable digital inputs and 10 outputs
1 dedicated connector for encoder (dual line)
1 dedicated connector for photocell
IP 21


Marking field:

Marking field Working distance (mm) Lens (mm)
70 x 70 mm 100 100
140 x 140 mm 200 200






DS-EOX_10W-ENA4.pdf (531.11 kB)



DS-EOX_30W-ENA4.pdf (519.25 kB)

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