solid-state laser V-LASE

V-LASE IR DPSS solid-state lasers for industrial marking of metal and plastic material.


The Datalogic V-LASE lasers are delivered with an output of 10W/20W and they offer high-quality permanent marking, especially in applications with high reflectivity of material or with sensitive plastic material in the industry.

The V-LASE lasers by Datalogic are solid-state DPSS, air-cooled lasers designed for marking products in the automotive and electrical industry. They offer high-quality permanent marking of a wide range of metal and plastic parts, particularly those specified as “hard to mark”, highly reflective, thermosensitive and highly stable thermoplastic.

The marking head is combined with a 19” control unit that supplies power and works as a control PC with the Lighter software. The two components are connected with an optical conductor, with standard length of 3 metres, or optional length of 5 metres. The V-LASE laser marking is very attractive for coding in industrial applications thanks to the low operating costs, almost no maintenance and no requirements for expensive consumables.

The V-LASE IR laser has the following basic characteristics:

  • Excellent laser beam quality
  • Option of integration into production lines
  • Integrated diagnostics, simple communication and connection to PLC
  • Easy installation and configuration settings
  • Software Lighter 6 is included in the laser delivery and it enables user-friendly creation of printed messages
  • Built-in red laser dot for fast focus of the laser beam
  • Marking in static or dynamic mode
  • Stand-Alone or Master-Slave mode
  • 4 independent axes (X, Y, Z, rotating axis)
  • Marking of a wide range of material, such as steel, titan, aluminium, plastic: ABS, PP, PET, PET, PVC and much more


Laser specification:

Laser type
solid-state laser DPSS with IR wavelength
Nominal output
10W / 20W
1064 nm
Laser source
Class 4
Class 2M, red diode laser 635 nm
Removable fibre length
3 m standard, 5 m optional
Marking options
Static and dynamic mode, rotating axis
Operating temperature
10°C to 35°C
Storage temperature
0°C to 50°C
Ethernet, RS232, USB
Integrated air cooling
Power supply
100/240VAC – 50/60Hz
Up to 4 mechanical axes (stepping motor)
10 programmable digital inputs and 10 outputs
1 dedicated connector for encoder (dual line)
1 dedicated connector for photocell


Dimensions and weight:

Height (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Weight (kg)
Laser head 165 502 125 2
Control unit 106 430 370 16



• Excellent marking performance
• Integrated diagnostics, simple communication and connection
• High reliability and flexibility
• Lighter 6 software for Windows
• Additional CE controller
  • Enables bitmap marking – images, barcodes and 2D codes
  • Compact dimensions = easy integration into production lines
  • 24-month warranty
  • Air-cooled system
  • User-friendly software working under Windows



DS-VLASESeries-ENA4.pdf (883.52 kB)

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