Label applicator – APL 100

The APL 100 applicator is an optional accessory to the Carl Valentin – Compa II table thermal transfer printers for automatic application of printed labels on the product.


The application arm is controlled by a pneumatic cylinder using compressed air. The signal sensor is in the application pad. When the signal to apply a label is received, the label is printed and then transferred to the edge of the printer where it is vacuum-sucked onto the application pad and then applied to the product. The paper is reeled back onto the winding mandrel and the label is applied on the product that passes through or is inserted under the application pallet.


Tam pad

When the label is printed, it is moved to the application pallet where it is held down by air until it is applied by the pallet pressure on the product.


Blow pad

The “blow” system is designed for products that have to be marked without any pallet pressure: the label, prepared on the application pallet, is ejected by air pressure onto the standing or moving product. The distance between the pallet and the product is about 10 mm.


Roll on

The label is prepared on a roller and when the product receives an application signal, the label is applied by the roller and product movement.


Stamp on Blow on Roll on
Label width 25 mm – 176 mm 25 mm – 176 mm 25 mm – 176 mm
Label length 25 mm – 200 mm 25 mm – 100 mm 80 mm – 200 mm
Arm length 300 mm
Arm length from the printer 180 mm
Air pressure 5 bar
Various product height X X
Fixed product height X
Static product X X
Moving product X X


Compa II 104/8 nebo 103/8 T Compa II 106/12 nebo 108/12 T Compa II 106/24 Compa II 162/12 nebo 162/12 T
Resolution 203 dpi 300 dpi 600 dpi 300 dpi
Printing speed 200 mm/s 200 mm/s 150 mm/s 150 mm/s
Print width 104 mm 105,7 mm (108,4 mm T) 105,6 mm 162,6 mm
Passage width 116 mm 116 mm 116 mm 176 mm
6000 mm 3000 mm 3000 mm 1000 mm
Self-adhesive labels in winding Paper, cardboard, textile, synthetics
Material weight
Label width
Label height
Label winding diameter Internal winding max 200 mm, internal unwinding max 145 mm (additional order)
Core diameter 40 mm / 70 mm – additional order
Winding OUT / IN
Thermal transfer ribbon
Winding OUT / IN
Core diameter 25,4 mm
Winding diameter
Winding length
Ribbon height
Font type 6 bitmap + 6 vector / TrueType fonts
Barcodes 1D, 2D, GS1
Dimension 242 x 274 x 446 mm 302 x 247 x 446 mm
Weight 10 kg 14 kg
Interface RS-32C (max 115,200 baud), Centronics (SPP), 2.0 High Speed Slave (USB), 10/100 Base T. LPD, RawIP-printing,

DHCP, http, FTP (Ethernet), WLAN (additional order)

Possibility of connecting two external keyboards and USB
Operating conditions
Power supply 110 + 230 V / 50 -60 Hz, max 150 VA
Temperature 5 –35°C




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