Label printer – SQUIX


SQUIX série od CABu je nástupcem A+ série. It is an ideal tool for dealing with any requirements of industrial marking. Together with a wide range of peripheries, accessories and software, the printers are made for any requirements. When developing the printers, CAB focused on simplicity and comfort for the user in connection with high reliability.
The printers are made of high-quality materials. The SQUIX series also provides unlimited possibilities of application, whether as an independent printer with PC/labelling software, or within a network connected to internal corporate systems.


  • version: SQUIX 2,4,6
  • print width from 104 to 108.4 mm
  • thermal transfer (with carbon ribbon) or thermal direct (without carbon ribbon)
  • print resolution 203 to 600 dpi
  • printing speed 150 to 300 mm/s
  • compact or metal cover
  • optional accessories: label cutter, perforation cutter, stacker with cutter, external label winder…
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