The Compa II printer allows printings on marking plates, self-adhesive labels, paper, cardboard, textile and plastic thanks to the optimal modification of the transfer ribbon, labels and pressure. At the same time, it offers fast and easy-to-use labels with printing resistant to weather effects and chemicals. It ensures lifelong identification of your product and traceability using serial numbers.

Easy and comfortable control and high reliability in demanding environments. The cover and printing mechanics are perfectly combined and manufactured from high-quality materials.


  • Large labels with a diameter of up to 200 mm
  • Print speed of up to 200 mm/s
  • The easiest operation and maintenance
  • Standard LAN interface, USB, serial and parallel interface
  • Optional WLAN interface (cannot be supplied additionally: Must be included in new orders)
COMPA II 103/8 T

COMPA II 104/8

COMPA II 106/12

COMPA II 106/24

COMPA II 108/12 T

COMPA II 162/12

COMPA II 162/12T


203 – 600 dpi
printing speed
max.150 – 200 mm/s
printing width
104 – 162.6 mm
serial, RS-232C
initial setting
date, time, 10 languages
operating temperature
5- 35
relative humidity
max. 80% (non-condensing)

Dimensions and weight:

width (mm) height (mm) length (mm) Weight (kg)
242 – 302 274 446 10 – 14
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