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The thermal transfer “inline” printers in the tt series are suitable for integration into all types of packaging and labelling lines for direct printing of packaging foils, labels or plain cardboard. This technology is suitable for printing on food packaging.


In 2008, KBA Metronic introduced a novelty to the market: a revolutionary inline thermal transfer printer, TT Print, which combines all the modern requirements on thermal transfer printing. We offer this printer in three versions, with a print width of 53, 107 and 128 mm, however, this printer can be used in the mode of intermittent printing, or it can be configured to work in continual mode by a simple change of the service settings. Therefore, it is very easy to switch between various lines and it is also suitable as a backup printer thanks to its versatility. This novelty is even capable of printing with both INK-SIDE-IN and INK-SIDE-OUT ribbons, making it even more universal. The printer can be controlled via a control unit, or it can be equipped with a touch display. Printed messages can be edited in the printer or in your office and then transferred to the printer via Ethernet, USB disc or CF card.


  • a possibility of customised solution
  • the small dimensions and easy installation allow for application in lines with lack of space
  • the high resolution of 300 dpi provides clear contours and almost unlimited possibilities of print resistant to abrasion and smear
  • print dimensions of up to 128 x 780 mm
  • print options: barcodes, graphic symbols, automatic date, use-by-date, day in the year, counter, shift identification etc
  • the unique tt designer program generates barcodes, graphics and transfers data from an external database via PCMCIA interface
  • the control terminal provides easy and fast control
  • the controls are in a fully closed stainless box with impermeable membrane keyboard, ensuring resistance against the adverse effects of the environment
  • easy installation in the production line
  • printing speed of up to 60 m/ min
  • the patented ribbon use system saves up to 80% of consumption in relation to the printed text


Datasheet ttPrint Inline DE

ttPRINT_Inline_de.pdf (1.1 MB)


Datasheet ttPrint Inline System DE

ttPRINT_Inline_system_de.pdf (256.5 kB)


Datasheet ttPrint Inline Data DE

ttPRINT_Inline_data_de.pdf (195.5 kB)

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