Micro-impact marking technology

Micro-impact marking Micro-impact marking enables permanent marking of almost all types of material (metal, plastic, wood, glass etc.). The highly resistant and well-visible marking can also be used prior to material finish or coating. This system can be used to mark extremely hard, uneven and irregular, flat and bent products that are not deformed or excessively stressed thanks to the option of precise setting. The device is driven either pneumatically or electrically, uses high frequency and precisely located micro-dots for printing a wide range of characters, shapes, 2D codes, images etc. stored in memory, in the required dimension and intensity.

Advantages of micro-impact marking:

The long-lasting durability, maintenance-free operation and easy integration into production lines, without the need for a PC connection, makes this an unparalleled tool for durable product marking.


In the automotive, construction, electrical, plastic, engineering, armament and other industries.

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